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WebTT - Online Money Transfer

GCC Exchange WebTT is a facility provided by GCC Exchange to its customers whereby they can send money to their loved ones sitting from Home /Office. Customers registered with the Web TT service can send money to their loved ones in India, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. It is one of the most convenient and cost effective modes of sending money.

Below are the benefits of sending money through GCC Exchange WebTT:

  • Quality Service
  • Fast and Easy Process
  • Safe and Secure Money Transfer
  • Best Exchange Rates & Service Charges
  • Automated SMS Confirmation
  • Track your Transactions Anytime
  • Now No More Standing in line at Exchange Houses

Bank Account Number
Development Bank Of singapore (DBS) 0039523777

* Account Title would be 'GCC Exchange'.

* Once you have created your payment instruction you then need to wire the payment total to any one of the following bank accounts listed here.

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